Why are we the Panthers?

By Austin Durkin

If you’ve ever walked the halls of Powell High School, you have seen black and orange colors everywhere. You will have also seen black panthers on our walls, ceilings, and floors in many of the rooms. This Powell Panther is the mascot and representation of this school. But why is it a panther?

My first thought was that there must be panthers in the mountains like the various other large felines we have in Tennessee. But no, I was entirely wrong. The answer to that question was, there is no panther. A “Panther” is not a physical animal. It describes specifically leopards and jaguars in their genus of Panthera. That information of course sounds irrelevant, but when you think about it, that means that our panther has no real identity. It is either a black jaguar or a fake feline. Both answers result in our school not having a true identity. So why did we choose this odd mascot in the first place? Will we ever find out?

A follow up article will hopefully be made to possibly justify these questions. This mystery will be discovered.

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