Who Was John Dillinger?

By Chandler Snyder

Despite being dead, John Dillinger continues to be one of the most famous gangsters from the 1930's. Needless to say he had an unusual life. For instance, he hated his step mother but then went on to marry her. Later on in his life he was an incredibly successful baseball player. Then, he decided to go on a nationwide crime spree with his gangs. He operated a group of men known as The Dillinger Gang, a gang accused of robbing 24 banks and four police stations. Dillinger himself only killed one person; however, the gang overall killed several. The one person Dillinger killed was an officer who shot Dillinger in his bullet proof vest which prompted him to return fire. He was never charged for the crime. Dillinger also managed to break out of jail on two different occasions. His high-end Bonnie and Clyde lifestyle came to a end when FBI agents shot him dead while leaving a movie theatre. There is a conspiracy theory that it wasn't him the FBI killed. Today his family called for the body and evidence to be reexamined to see if they really did kill John Dillinger. His grave is to be opened and the body inside is to be exhumed within the next week.

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