Who Are the Better Panthers?

By Malachi Gravette

Lenoir City’s stadium is filled with people. There are almost 1,000 people there to see who the better Panthers are. The first kickoff is received by Lenoir City and is returned to the 29 yard line. After gaining only 1 yard, Lenoir City is forced to punt to #3 Bailor Walker, who returns the kickoff, but it is called back due to a block in the back. However, less than 2 minutes later, Walker catches a 46 yard pass from #16 Walker Trusley, putting Powell up 7-0 after James Hyman’s PAT kick is good. After kicking it off to Lenoir City, Powell shuts down their offense and goes on to score 35 points before Lenoir City scores 5 minutes in to the 3rd quarter. This, however, does not faze Powell. Less than a minute later, #2 Deuce Shreve scores a 54 yard rushing touchdown, putting Powell up 42-6. After Lenoir City scores another touchdown, Powell’s #1 Fernando Frances scores yet again, and Powell is now up 49-12. Lenoir City scores two more touchdowns; however, it is not enough to beat the Powell Panthers, who win the game 49-26.

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