What is a Government Shutdown?

By Alyssa Mink

Throughout the past few weeks, the phrase “partial government shutdown” has been thrown around due to the current state of the government but what exactly is a partial government shutdown? A partial government shutdown is put into place when the government needs to suspend all “non-essential” programs.The first operations to go are often ones such as the FDA and FEMA and although they are still working, the employees get furloughed or issued a “stop work” order.

The partial shutdown that is currently in place is due to President Trump and the Democrats fighting over funding for the border wall. The President is asking for a little over $5 billion for the wall which is only a tiny portion of the government's annual revenue. House Democrats have offered several “compromising” bills in order to reopen the government but all of them have inevitably failed as the Senate tries to find a solution that is fair to both parties. President Trump offered limited extension for protection of DACA recipients in exchange for $5.7 billion towards a wall but the Democrats refused the offer accusing Trump of using this offer as a political ploy.

The government is working hard to end the shutdown but there seems to be no resolution in sight. The partial shutdown has lasted for over a month now and there is more conflict now than when it began. Once again, federal employees are left hoping that they will return to business as usual as soon as possible.

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