What Does This Mean for Gun Laws?

By Zoe Bedard

Wednesday November 7, 2018, a Californian bar was shot up leaving at least 12 victims violently murdered, including Sgt. Ron Helius, a Ventura County Sheriff of 29 years. The suspect, Ian David Long, is also believed to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The Borderline Bar & Grill has been an enjoyable place for students of Lutheran University and Pepperdine University, and a great pass time for many other visitors.

The first call to police about the shots fired came around 11:20 pm, witnesses saying that the suspect first shot a bouncer, and then worked his way into the bar. Police arrived 2-3 minutes after the phone call.

Ian Long was a regular at the Borderline Bar & Grill, according to one of his friends whom chose to remain anonymous. Long was a 28 year old Marine Corporal who fought in Afghanistan, and had been living with his mother. The weapon he used was a .45 Caliber Glock that he owned legally. According to Ventra County Sheriff Geoff Dean, Ian was irate and a little irrational, and he might have been suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Seven months before the shooting a Mental Health Specialist with a California division crisis unit, felt he might have had PTSD, but decided to not to detain him under any law that allowed for the temporary detention for people who deal with PTSD.

Shootings such as this one, mass shootings, have been appearing on news channels and websites constantly for the past year. In 311 days of 2018, we have already had 307 mass shootings and gun threats. In total, the mass shootings in 2018 have left 328 victims dead, 43 being police officers, and over 1,251 injured. It is an issue that, when brought to congress, is not solved. The fact that a man who might have suffered from PTSD could legally own weapons such as the .45 Caliber Glock simply because he was older than 21 years old, is an issue that America has not dealt with. 82% of Mass shooting have involved legally obtained weapons, so why have the gun laws not changed? Trump stated on social media, “Be strongly pushing comprehensive background checks with an emphasis on mental health.” Trump also has shown support for stricter background checks and has stated that he wants to improve federal compliance with criminal background checks. But not much has obviously been done.

Gun Violence and Mass shootings have been such a recurring event that we now look towards them as any usual event. We cried over Sandy Hook, we protested over Florida, but now? Now we look at news of these events and shrug hoping something will eventually change.

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