What Can We Do For Prom 2020?

By Logan Heidenreich

The PHS 2019 prom was an amazing time. Everybody had fun dancing, talking to their friends, and eating food, but as a junior, I think we can make next year’s prom even better.

Prom was held in the banquet hall at the Hilton hotel in downtown Knoxville. The banquet hall was a good place but the dance floor felt too small. Everybody kept bumping into each other while dancing, and it got a little annoying. Another fixable thing was the music. This is a touchy subject as the modern music we listen to is a little vulgar but there are some better options than some that were played.

The food there was good but a lot of people didn’t even know that there was food. Next time we could put the food tables in a better places. Downtown was a great place to have prom at but the parking sucked! The only parking places were extremely expensive. I had to pay $15 just to park for two hours.

One of the most annoying things was the night that prom was scheduled. Too many other proms were planned on the same night. Also, the Dogwood Arts Festival was held on the same day too which made taking pictures downtown a pain.

Other than these things, prom was a lot of fun, and we all had fun… except for those that did not actually dance. Prom is what you make it, and even though there are some annoying things that could be changed, it was still a great night.

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