We Are Small

By Meg Owens

People in this generation walk around with a chip on their shoulder. Most hold the idea that they are superior; however, in the wide scheme of things, none of us really matter. Does this make you feel small? How about the fact that our planet alone has a surface area of 196.9 million mi²?

Earth is the fourth largest planet within our solar system, yet we are overshadowed by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Our own Sun is large enough to hold 1.3 million planets equivalent to the size of Earth. While most people confuse the Sun as the largest star in our solar system, there’s actually another star known as “UY Scuti,” which is the largest star we’ve discovered thus far, standing at nearly 5 billion times larger than our Sun.

Being inhabitants of Earth, we are part of the Milky Way galaxy. Within our galaxy we are not the only solar system. So far, astronomers have discovered 500 other solar systems and estimate that there could be tens of billions in our galaxy alone. Just imagine 500 other solar systems like our own. WE ARE SMALL. Still yet, some of you have the sheer audacity to put yourself on a pedestal. You are no more deserving than any other person. In reality, none of us truly matter. If we died today, we would be replaced tomorrow. We are a small planet in a vast universe. The proposition of us being here is unfathomable, so why take it for granted? Why act like we are more admirable than others? In the end, we are inconsequential. We are small.

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