Wanting vs. Giving

By Skylar Letteer

Recently, the Powell High Newspaper hosted a “Hurricane Relief Drive” in order to help the victims of Hurricane Michael. We asked for various items including inexpensive toiletries and monetary donations, the drive lasted a week with the contributions racking up to a miserable 13 cents per student. That’s Knoxville’s Best? Not only was the student body aware of what was needed, they also had more than enough time to gather the suggested materials. As a student at Powell High, I know we are better than 13 cents per person. It’s extremely discouraging to know that students did not have the heart to give to others in need. As I walk through the halls, teens are dressed head to toe in expensive brands and driving to school in extravagant cars while they aren’t kind enough to donate household items to desperate families. Our generation has become increasingly greedy which has caused us to value what we want rather than what we have to give.

It was disheartening to come back empty handed after visiting countless teachers and classrooms during the first few days. Even after some of the teachers decided to put in a bit of effort to remind students, the results were just as pathetic. It’s incredibly easy to want something rather than give, and we’ve lost our ability to empathize with others which resulted in a lack of participation. Is it because we don’t have the heart to care, or is it because we’re too lazy to care? The “what’s in it for me” attitude is very prominent in this generation, and many people don’t know what it’s like to experience a situation where they have to rely upon others. I have witnessed this school community come together during times of sorrow, so why is it we choose to refrain from helping when it’s outside of our own area? Students have a chance to redeem themselves by donating to the FBLA sock drive as well as the Mission of Hope trip in December. Let's all do better this time and make someone’s life a little less challenging.

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