Waking Up in the Morning

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

By Zion Loo

One of the hardest things in life that we all have to deal with is waking up in the morning. Specifically waking up to an alarm, without hitting the snooze button. When people wake up at six in the morning, they tend to tiredly linger there in bed for a few split seconds of thought, and at that moment, we tend to see absolutely everything as significantly less important than it was the day before and hit snooze. For example, that homework is not that important. Who would care if you failed a dumb class about [name absurd, realistically unhelpful topic here], anyways?

Stop that. Stop thinking about it. How? Well don’t think at all. Try this tomorrow morning: pretend you are a rocket ship at NASA, count backwards from five, and launch out of bed. Do not give yourself time to think first. Just do it. (Counting forwards will not work because you can choose to keep counting which is essentially the same as hitting the snooze button.)

This miracle was discovered by Mel Robbins, a motivational speaker, SUCCESS contributing editor and author of “The 5 Second Rule” which has changed the mindset of so many people that decided to give using this rule a try. This has saved lives. Use this rule as a motivator, as a catalyst to get up, get busy, and do something amazing. Stop hitting snooze on life. Because even if you hit snooze, time keeps ticking.

You can you use this rule for anything. Do not wait for motivation. Get out of bed, say that thing you needed to say, do that work. Do what you know you need to do.

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