Poem by Zion Loo

“I am here for you

I can guide you, you can trust me.

Look around you, see you need me.

You can’t go through this on your own.

You know without me you’re alone

I am here for you.

Don’t go outside, they’ll laugh at you.

They’ll call you names or stare at you.

Your poem is sloppy

Rewrite it, it’s ugly

Please listen to me, honey

I am here for you.

Don’t smile like that

You look too cocky.

Don’t write it like that

See now it won’t rhyme.

Oh how can I tell you, oh how can I show you that

Always, dear, honey,

I am here for you.

Oh, please don’t reject me.

I want to protect you.

Oh, please don’t neglect me…

I want to direct you.”

Mindless mangled misconceptions

Spinning in my head

Suggesting never speaking up

And staying mute instead.

In times of panic, I might just consider what it said

And it’s saying and saying it and saying it again

Though it never goes away

I will always try to say

That I’ll never ever let it take control of me again.

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