Vibrant Halls or White Walls?

By Dillion Loope

The summer of 2017 KCS (Knox County Schools) painted Powell High School white. The problem with this are the bright white lights and the cream walls. This combination makes students feel like they are in a mental hospital. There is no school spirit, no feeling, no emotion, or even any school pride, to be found on our walls. There are only posters of inspiration to cover them up. The feel of our classrooms is making our students depressed. It drives us insane. I realize it isn't the school’s fault. This white is mentally unhealthy for our students. Painting the classroom walls should be left up to the teachers instead of forcing them to stick up decal stickers and posters all over the room. Schools should feel like a second home. NOT AN INFIRMARY! All of us have suffered with this for a long time. To KCS: Leave the white up. You’ve spent enough money on it already. Although the best change for this is to allow teachers to paint their own rooms.

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