Veterans Day should be a Tribute

By Dillion Loope

Today, November 11th is Veteran’s Day. These men and women have served time in the military and get one day in support of it? There should be a business day off to honor these special people, especially at school. Veterans Day is to show support of all the veterans, yet children can’t even take the day off school to see these family members who have served our country.

Does our KCS just not care? Other school districts are out, even some university classes are closed. But not KCS! I understand, others would take it as another day off, although, you could have an assembly prior to the day, and take a moment to recognize the vets within schools, and even businesses, and to educate students why this day is special! Our school veterans can’t see their children because they’re in school and can’t take the day off without using up an absence. Support the soldiers who have defended you, as well as the kids praying for these soldiers each and every day, and give them one day off to recognize the heroes of our country!

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