Valentine’s Day

By Emily Evans

Valentine’s Day always seems to draw deep emotions from within us. Whether disgust or infatuation, these emotions are strong. Most of the time young people around highschool age begin to hate Valentine’s Day for some reason. Is that because it isn’t a good holiday or is it just because you are lonely? When you’re in elementary school everyone likes Valentine’s Day because regardless of who you are you receive something and have an excuse to skip schoolwork. However, as you get older, Valentine’s Day becomes more of a nuisance because no one gets you the little candies for your mailbox anymore. No one gives you anything and the teachers could care less if it's Valentine’s Day, Hanukkah, or St. Patrick’s Day you’ll have the same amount of classwork.

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, so when you have someone to share the holiday with, it's a little more tolerable because it calls for romantic gestures. The fact that you are alone on V-Day is much more prevalent because of all the couples around you. So to those of you who say “Valentine’s Day sucks”, no, you’re just alone. So, as a hopeless romantic who will be forever alone, you want to know how you can make Valentine’s Day not suck? Well, since it’s a holiday based broadly on love, make it just that! Stay true to the day and make it about love. Show a little more love. Whether that love is to yourself, your family, or your friends show some more love. Just because Valentine’s Day is mainly about romance does not mean that love is limited to romantic endeavors.

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