Uber Driver in Australia Convicted of Murder

By John Foster

In June of 2017, an Englishman named Samuel Thomas died when he fell out of an Uber and was hit by a bus. He was attempting to exit the vehicle when the driver, Nazrul Islam, started to accelerate. He pleaded innocent to the allegations that his negligent driving caused the death of Mr. Thomas. "Mr. Islam did not exercise the reasonable care that a driver must exercise," Magistrate Mary Ryan stated in court on Monday, November 18, 2018. Islam stated that he did not notice Thomas’s attempt to exit the vehicle.

Thomas and two of his friends were intoxicated at the time. Mr. Thomas’s friends had been sleeping in the back seat when Thomas opened the door and the internal car light turned on. “Six seconds of light within the car is a significant warning and, in my view, Mr. Islam should have been alerted to something being amiss,” Magistrate Ryan said. Ms. Ryan found that Islam had been much more exhausted than he previously led them to believe finding that he had been working for approximately 21 hours straight without any rest. “I find that he is guilty of the charge of negligent driving occasioning death beyond a reasonable doubt,” she said.

Islam said he couldn't recall the “exact destination” the three men had requested but “my GPS was advising me still four to five minutes to go”. They were stopped at a red light when Mr. Thomas attempted to exit.

Full Story can be read on Daily Mail

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