Trend of the Week

By Gladis Rodriguez

Trends come and go at Powell, but while they’re here, let’s take a look at a popular trend. High school is an open place to express yourself through clothes. A very popular current trend is vintage and/or thrifted clothing. 80’s and 90’s clothing started making a comeback early 2018 and has become very popular in the teen community. Mainstream brands have even started taking inspiration from vintage clothing. Indie brands have become almost entirely 90’s fashion. In the early 2000’s, thrifting was not popular; however, the trend has become mainstream in a short amount of time.

Styles that have become popular due to this trend are mom jeans, windbreakers, and crop tops. Oversized clothing and glen plaid have also become widely loved throughout the teenage community. Color blocked clothing and primary colors are a rising trend because it gives the feel of poignant and bright colored clothing. Levis and other jean companies have also gained publicity and sales due to the rising popularity of this trend. Vans have once again gained mainstream publicity and hype, their old skool styles have become their best sellers. Although, mainstream stores have replicated the vintage feel of clothing, thrift stores are still a preferable choice because of the authenticity of the clothes. These styles have quickly become clothing staples in the teen community. 80’s and 90’s clothing making a major comeback this year is a perfect example of how trends do come and go.

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