Tips for Prom

By Skylar Letteer

While you may have your schedule in order for during and before prom, finding things to do afterwards could be difficult. Remaining safe is a top priority, but with many shops and restaurants closing by 9 p.m, there are a limited variety of activities. Here are some ideas for stuff to do afterwards as well as tips to reduce the underlying hassle of prom.

Restaurants such as; Scottie’s, Waffle House, Copper Cellar, Stock & Barrel, Calhoun’s, Cafe 4, Not Watsons, and Aubrey’s remain open later in the night in case you and your date want to grab a bite to eat (if you leave early, it may be easier to get a table). For the people who want a cheap alternative, make a lunch the night before so that way you could have a picnic under the stars once you get back home.

Tips for ladies: First, look up how to place a boutonniere, this is often looked over and could be challenging. If your feet get sore from walking in heels for hours on end, you can purchase foldable flats from Target or Walmart, that way you can slip them into your bag on your way out the door. You could also form a mini “First Aid” style kit that holds travel size tissues, bobby pins, oil blotting sheets, setting powder, makeup wipes and other essential items that could help your night run smoothly. If the straps on your dress start to itch, place a thin strip of double sided clear tape on them in order to prevent the fabric from rubbing on your skin. Lastly, once you are back home and ready to get in to bed, store your corsage in the fridge to prolong the flower’s color.

Tips for men: One of the most important things to remember is, treat your date with respect. While this may seem like common sense to most, some forget the importance this night may hold in their partner’s eyes. Open the door, hold the train of her dress, pay for the meal, dance, little gestures like those can go a long way. It is also important to go over the schedule with your date in order to be caught up on any last minute changes/adjustments. Be mindful of the traffic around the area so that way you can decide which route is best as well as a find parking place. Ultimately, have a good time with your date while also running on schedule.

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