Girls Soccer and Volleyball

By Emily Evans

Football usually consumes fall sports, but a lot of girls are working really hard to be the best at what they do. Personally, I am on the volleyball team that most people do not even know exists. The past few years have been rough for us because we have shifted through five coaches in five years. However, that does not mean that the team is not working hard. For example, the volleyball team played over 25 full games, with each game bearing 2-5 sets to 25 points. These girls work ridiculously hard training and would love it if the Powell students would show up, free of charge! Another sport that does not get nearly enough credit is girl’s soccer. Soccer is not an easy sport. With the shallow opinions of women that would be even more impressing for a woman to do. Not to mention the fact that they are doing quite well. Overall their score is 3-3, but their district score is 1-0. Powell students do not give their girl’s fall sports as much credit as they deserve. Arguably, they work just as hard as football or even harder. Girls sports have to win to get any credit while football has to exist to get support, which is not a bad thing. Girls sports just need more recognition.

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