The Tournament of Tragedy

By Regan Black

With gun violence and shootings being a huge controversial topic already, there unfortunately was another shooting this past weekend. In Jacksonville, Florida, the “Madden NFL 19”, a video game football tournament, was in full swing when it unexpectedly took a turn for the worse. The suspected shooter was armed with a handgun and fired twelve shots. As anyone could tell, gunshots will typically send people into a panic. Eleven citizens were wounded in the commotion, nine by the bullets. Different sources have said different things about the amount deceased, some say three, some say four. However, we do know that the suspected shooter was one of the deceased. The shooter’s information was different on the sources I collected from, one said he was identified, the other said he was not. So far, everyone that was injured in the shooting was admitted to the level of health care they needed and are in a stable position.

Now, why is this incident called a “mass shooting”? Only three (or four) people were found deceased in the aftermath of the shooting. Yes, while shootings are a horrible and tragic thing that unfortunately is such a large part of the American life in this day in age, why is a shooting that only three( or four) people were killed called a “mass shooting”? People shooting up public areas have unfortunately been a huge part of 2018. There have been twenty-one school shootings already this year, and a total of two-hundred and thirty-four mass shootings in the year of 2018. This is the reality of the American society today.

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