The U.S and Iran Conflict

By Marisela Patino

Any conflict will switch things around, and unfortunately, in a negative way. The U.S and Iran conflict, in this case, has affected a lot of people, and disturbed the course of many activities.

Many members of political parties in other nations have repeatedly accused the U.S of using its power/influence to subjugate other nations to their advantage, this is the case of Iran, another Islamic nation opposing the USA policies. One of their most remarkable arguments is that the US uses war as an excuse to abuse them, and they provide examples such as the wars in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq to support their point , this support does makes a lot of sense because these nations are of course weaker than the US in many aspects . Another of their arguments is the fact that the US supported oppressive governments in Iran, even though they claim to be very democratic. When Iranians realized what they US was doing, they protested in front of american facilities and made their disapproval public, this of course caused lots of tension.

People claim that during the 1980’s war between Iran and Iraq, the US supported Iraq, while trying to stop Iran from getting supplies necessary to fight back. The US even allowed Iraq to fight with chemical weapons, despite this being illegal, this was done simply by stopping the united nations from sanctioning the action; the US has a lot of power/influence, but sadly uses it incorrectly in certain cases Iran saw all of this, and definitely started considering the US a threat. The phrase Iranians used to describe the opinion they have of the US was “US is a hypocrite that breaks international laws whenever it suits it.”

-Iranian soldiers killed by using chemical weapons during the Iran Iraq war

Some of the events that have caused the tension today we feel between Iran and the US are:

In 1988, in response to Iranian mining of Persian Gulf, the US attacked Iran’s Navy sinking and damaging multiple war ships.

In 1988, the US shot down an Iranian civilian airliner travelling on a routine passenger route over the gulf. 290 civilians including many women and children were killed. Subsequently US refused to apologize or pay compensation despite losing this case at the International Court of Justice

The US has placed International sanctions on Iran since 1980. The sanctions are far reaching forcing many countries around the globe not to do business with Iran.

The invasion of Iran in 1941 by the allies, namely the US, Britain and Soviet Union to use Iranian resources for their WWII efforts. Iran had declared neutrality and there was no legitimate reason for this aggression. In addition, not only the allies stole Iranian resources for their own efforts, they caused a famine by diverting Iranian food supplies to their own ends. After WWII, Iran had to fight to restore its own sovereignty again.

The most recent event in which both of these countries were involved was the killing of Qasem Soleimani, which was enacted by the U.S. Qasem Soleimani was a very important general, member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and considered by many Iranians the second most important men of the country. The justification the U.S has provided is the fact that he was planning on attacking facilities/places that might put American lives in danger, yet this explanation might seem more reasonable to people from the US, then it does for Iranians. This man was loved by a lot of people in Iran, and even though he was killed to avoid atrocities and inhibit peace, conflict could get even bigger than before, and then sadly put citizens from both nations in danger

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