The Three Hundred Mile Cheating Rule

By Mirabella Booth

Is it cheating if you’re more than three hundred miles away from your significant other? The “Three Hundred Mile Rule” states that it’s not cheating if you hook up with someone while your significant is more than three hundred miles away from you. While to the majority this rule may sound absurd, some find the rule to be perfectly reasonable.The rule originated from people being unfaithful to their significant others while they are out of town and the belief that this form of cheating is perfectly fine. The rule is mostly the brunt of jokes surrounding the topic of cheating, rather than a legitimate rule the majority believes in. But there is a minority who finds it to be valid. As of lately, the rule has been a hot topic on twitter, stirring up lots of controversy.

Those in favor of the rule argue that if someone’s significant other isn’t present to give them the proper attention and affection they desire then they have the right to fill that void elsewhere. When questioned on the topic, a student stated, “Well, I think people need physical affection and stuff so if your significant other is away for a certain period of time then YOLO.”

Another student stated, “I think that I’ve used that rule in the past week...So go ham. It's not quite appropriate but if you get lonely, what can you do?”

Someone with personal experience with the hardships of distance from their significant other, Ashlyn Molinar, resides in Texas while her boyfriend lives in Oregon. The two have been in a long distance relationship for over a year. She shared her frustrations with the rule stating, “Payton and I have a lot of trouble as any couple would if they were over two thousand miles apart ,and obviously you’re going to develop crushes on other people, but the key is self control. Humans are not biologically monogamous. However, we have the ability to make a conscious choice over whether or not to cheat. That’s why Payton and I have managed to persevere and now we’re fifteen months strong and I can’t imagine myself with anyone else. Although, I feel like I have an advantage of seeing him every few months which makes it easier for the connection not to fade. This whole three hundred miles rule gives long distance such a bad rep and creates that source of mistrust. This stigma plays into why many long distance relationships fail.”

While some are in favor of the rule, the majority have come to the general consensus that when in a monogamous relationship you must resist temptations and remain loyal to your significant other.

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