The Judge has had Enough

By Austin Durkin

After 25 years of judging, screaming, sympathizing, and shutting people up, Judy Sheindlin is putting up her gavel on the 25th season of Judge Judy. Ms. Sheindlin has been doing this for two and a half decades and almost everyone knows or has heard of her. Her last season is said to air in 2021 and Sheindlin, herself, has said this will be the most exciting season yet. All of this was discussed on the TV show, Ellen, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

On Ellen, Sheindlin also stated that this is not the end of her television career. She is, however, leaving CBS. After Judge Judy, she is going on to her new show, Judy Justice. Although there are no details on the show yet, including the channel it’s going to be aired on or the release date, Judy Sheindlin seems very excited about this new development in her life.

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