The Issues With “The Conspiracy” Palette From Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson.

By: Mariah Cruz

The big release of “The Conspiracy “ palette from Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson was this month. It blew up and everyone was buying the collection, but last week many people were receiving palettes with hair fibers in the eyeshadows. People have posted videos on social media of them pulling out the hairs and the whole eyeshadow fell apart. Other people purchased lipsticks with bumps in them. Which is actually due to lipsticks being kept in hot boxes and shipped throughout the world and they start to sweat. Yes, lipsticks sweat. Jeffree Star has seen the tweets about the issues and is now sending people new products and giving them a full refund. This is the first time something like this has gone wrong with JSC products, and some people are quick to give him hate for the issues. Almost every beauty product out there messes up somehow. Fans just expect better from Jeffree. Other than this one issue, Jeffree and Shane broke a record for most makeup products sold in 2019.

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