The Grammys

By Blakely Releford

The Grammys have come and gone yet again, and if you were wondering if they are still as useless as ever, they are. What inspires such a bold statement you may ask? Well, the Grammys only publicly recognize artists who are already on top of the charts on TV. However, they actually give over 80 different awards for various categories. Some of you may have been aware of the insane amount of awards that are given, but to some of you it was probably a shock. Most people only know about the top 10 awards that are actually aired on television and don’t even know that the other 70 exist. By no means am I saying that the few awards that are aired on television aren’t important or well deserved because they definitely are. However, I am saying that the other awards deserve recognition too because they are just as important.

Music is much more than just artist of the year, song of the year, best pop album, best country solo performance, best rap performance, etc. The Grammy Awards are supposed to recognize all achievements in the music industry throughout the year, not just music that’s popular at the time. There’s the best contemporary christian album, best latin album, classical producer of the year, best music film, and so many more that no one even hears a peep about. I believe that the idea of the Grammys is amazing. Recognizing artists for all their hard work throughout the year is something that should definitely be done; but, if it’s going to be done that it needs to be done right and everyone needs their fair chance to shine. Not a single person on that award list is any less deserving of being publicly recognized for all their outstanding achievements than anyone else.

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