The Gift of Snow

By: Katherine Sweat

Last night, the winter snow fell in a magical manner. A white blanket gracefully covered our front yards and the trees carried an extra weight on their limbs. The flurry of snow gave most the gift of a peaceful silent night. Beautiful scenery, however, was not the only early Christmas present the snow had to offer. Last night, the snowfall gave each student at Powell High School and throughout Knox County the gift of a good night's rest. At around 11:00pm last night, Knox County Schools made the announcement that the school day would start 2 hours late due to hazardous weather. This was the first night, in weeks, that I got over seven hours of sleep; I feel amazing. I feel more motivated, more positive, and more prepared to begin work in my studies. I’m not the only one that feels this way too. Students and teachers seem to be more alive this morning, which is immensely different than the zombies that I normally see dragging about the hallways.

I think that students would benefit significantly from beginning school at a later time in the day. Yes, we do already have late arrival Wednesdays, but honestly, how much is 30 minutes going to do? If we started later, we could cut class time and increase the amount of school days in a year (an hour and a half in class, by the way, is too long). I’d be willing to have a couple more days in school in exchange for being well rested throughout the week. Now, should schools start at 10:30? No, because that is not practical; however, I think starting even an hour later would make an immense difference. This may not be simple in anyway; however, I believe that this solution would be more efficient in improving grades and class participation than any other incentive that could be given.

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