The Flooded Four

By Austin, Emily, Madison, and Dillion

**The following are student views and thoughts of this morning’s events**

Austin: When I woke up this morning, I thought that I would be going to school with an attitude filled with senioritis. My next thought was that school would be canceled and I would get a nice long 12 hour nap. But no-- I’m now at school after sitting in a gym an hour being told no information. We could have stayed home today like every other county around us in this region, but we have to be both “Knoxville’s Best” and “Tennessee’s Greatest.” Now I sit in a room of four students with faint sirens in the distance. Good luck students.

Dillion: Good morning and welcome to Flooded High School! Knoxville’s Wettest! Make sure to bring swim trunks, swim shoes, an umbrella, and if you can't really swim, bring a life vest! We shouldn't even be in school right now! Instead maybe we should all take a field trip together and go to the Powell Lake. Kayaking lessons only $10! Speaking of field trips, if you rode the bus this morning, instead of braving the traffic, you more than likely took a 20 minute detour in order to get to Knoxville’s Best High School. If you drove yourself you waited at least 30 minutes in traffic. Then you get to Flooded High School only to be told to wait in the gym until nine o'clock. Oh. Ok. No problem I only rushed trying to get here!

Emily Evans: Not only are half of us dying from the flu or a stomach bug, we all are swimming to get to school on time so we don’t get silent lunch. THANK GOD Dr. Smith tweeted and clarified that no one would get silent lunch if they were late. I was totally worrying about getting a silent lunch and not so much dying from my car going over a lake. So what made us come to school Knox County? Perhaps because we had already gotten out for flucation? Let me guess, you didn’t want to call it so you could have swimming lessons?

Madison: So I have two younger sisters and one goes to Copper Ridge Elementary. Her bus didn’t run this morning due to flooding; therefore, my dad had to come get her. There's only one road going up to Copper Ridge and it's a winding, twisting, turning road. Then my other sister, who attends Powell Middle School, and I waited at the bus stop for 20 minutes only to have our bus driver tell us she didn't get the full route and had kids on our bus I'd never seen before. We ended up having to go around the whole world just to get school. We dropped middle school off first then the high school students. Most buses didn't run today, but mine did and I'm grateful I made it to school safely, unlike others. Prayers are being sent their way.

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