The Day of Homecoming

By Kenzie Farmer

Homecoming is normally a week-long event organized by high schools or colleges. In high school, the homecoming game celebrates the careers of the senior high school athletes, normally the football players. Homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back former students and members and celebrating an organization’s existence, normally in late September or early October. It’s built around an athletic event, and includes a dance, or in our case, a parade. The football game is played on the home football field and there are week-long activities for students which include: spirit week, marching band, and the coronation of the Homecoming Queen. Also, the tailgate is one of the most recognized and attended events of the homecoming tradition. Tailgating normally starts a couple hours before the game until it’s over, so those who don’t have tickets can go. It’s a lot of socialization, excitement, and food! Let’s not forget the pep rally which happens the morning of the homecoming game. The band performs while the football players, dance team, and cheerleaders begin building the school wide celebration. Overall, homecoming is a day full of exciting events that carry on throughout the day.

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