The Bunny Costume

By Regan Black

In the year of 1985, a young girl sits in her grandmother's house. The girl, Alison is eating mint chocolate chip cookies by the fireplace. Her grandmother, Irma is hiding out in another room skillfully sewing away at creamy white fabric. Stitch after stitch Irma makes, the pale colored unitard comes together in a magical fashion. A single pocket stitched to the side, containing a set of buck-teeth.

“ Perfect”, Irma gleefully whispers, knowing her granddaughter will adore the costume. She creeps into the room where Alison is now drifting off into a deep slumber. Irma lifts up the small child and carries her to her room. She is laid on the soft bed that she sleeps on, and immediately snuggles into her covers. In the room where the costume lies, a sudden spur of joy bolts through the air. The costume was made with so much love and passion, it came to life with the ghost of a joyous Halloween. The costume springs up and begins to dance around the room, searching for the little girl. The whole entirety of the room begins to light up with orange, purple, and green pumpkins, candies, and toys floating in the air. Truly a joyous Halloween spirit has taken over this home.

The delicate fur of the costume began to grow and fluff out, the pure love springing it to a new level of indescribable perfection. While the costume creeps up the stairs to the young girl’s room, the walls began to shift. Pumpkins cover the walls, all different shapes and faces carved into them with a masterful swish of the costumes’ arm. The costume begins to open the girl’s door, her sleeping figure as calm and quiet as an evening fire. She snuggles further into her covers, as if sensing the costume is sending the loving feelings her way. The costume dances throughout the room, the colors enticing the girls’ dreams, her eyes fluttering open, seeing the magical scene develop before her. Just as soon as she peers at the costume, it vanishes. She springs out of her bed, searching for the costume. It is nowhere to be seen, so she shrugs and lays back in the plush bed, her eyes closing a deep slumber enveloping her...

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