The Battle of the Classes

By: Katherine Sweat

As a result of the class wide homecoming competition, decorations filled the halls as students walked through the doors of Powell High School yesterday. The day before, several students decorated according to the color themes they were given. Seniors were black, juniors were gray, sophomores were white, and freshmen were orange.

As I went to see what the freshman hallway presented, I was pleasantly surprised. They had several creative posters and colorful lights that brightened up the hallway. A cute display, showing a paper mache tree next to a bubbling, black cauldron added to the character of their presentation. In past years, the freshmen classes have given an obvious lack of effort, but I think they really pulled it together for the 2019 homecoming competition.

The sophomores also pulled off a really nice presentation of their designated hallway. A panther cemetery with several posters showing the names of “wanted” west players covered the hallway. Which, in my opinion, really tied in the spirit week theme of wild west while maintaining the white theme as well as the spookiness of Halloween.

Walking down the junior hallway, I noticed their theme was a bit different than the rest. The student’s in charge decided to focus on the theme of wild west rather than taking a trip to Halloween town. Their presentation was really creative, showing big, bright, colorful cut outs of the characters from Toy Story. Although there was no incorporation of the junior color theme, I could tell that the juniors put a lot of work and thought into their hallway. Which, is worth something.

Lastly, we have the seniors. There was not an inch of their hallway that wasn’t covered in some sort of decoration. Fake black and white cobwebs were draped across the lockers and walls. Black posters were put up writing “seniors 2020,” and confetti was hung from the doorway as an entrance to the hallway. Overall, it was exciting, and it made walking down the math hallway a bit more endurable.

The result of this competition showed the seniors in 1st place, the sophomores in 2nd place, the freshman in 3rd place, leaving the juniors in 4th place.

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