That's All

By Emily Evans

I have roughly three weeks left of my junior year. So cliche, yet it literally went so quickly. High school is so insanely quick. I decided to look at some colleges tonight and it OVERWHELMED me to say the least. However, I should savor every single minute of stress and high school “problems” of applying to colleges. I can’t help but to be emotional watching all the seniors just be seniors, knowing I’ll be in their shoes in just a couple months. It’s terrifying and exciting at the same time and obviously so terribly sad. Leaving what has accounted for a third of your life for the past 12-13 years. “Lasts” are the worst. “Last” football games, wifo, prom, finals, basketball games, YoungLife and so many other events. These “Last” events make you feel like a kid while your applying to colleges and paying thousands and thousands of dollars in admissions choosing one life path. I don’t know how I’ll be able to handle my senior year. Many have come before me and survived so assume I will as well. Every senior has the same thoughts of how sad the year is, however, rightfully so. Sometimes, I just do not feel like I’ll make it through the year. The accumulation of stress and encounters in high school pushed these seniors to become prepared yet they were so sheltered that the sheer thought of leaving this way of life seems unimaginable to most. School is all anyone around us has ever known and sure, college is still school, but not with the people you’ve seen day to day for 14,040 hours over 12 years. To be shoved off a cliff with nothing to catch you, into the abyss of college does not seem real. Everyone was in the middle of class a week ago and now they are being launched into the “real world”. Now these students have to be adults with thousands in student debt. Seniors will always remember the lights of Friday night football, the smell of student pride, the air of the glass hallway, seeing nasty couples makeout in the different hallways, the promotion of SEC schools, Bojangles, and Lifehouse prior to the 8:30 bell, the last time to buy prom tickets, last YoungLife Club, the last days as a student with no responsibility of an adult. So I guess what I’m trying to say here is, Juniors, savor every moment of your senior year. Take in every moment and savor it. Any senior will tell you how sad it is to leave the only constant they’ve ever known. Please don’t be lame and “want to get out of here”. When you leave you will never have the experience of high school again. Do stupid things, learn from them. Don’t strain over little decisions. Date, make new friends, reconnect with old friends, make a difference in someone's’ life, or make a difference in a teacher’s life. Be friends with your teachers, they only want the best for you (usually). Have fun! Enjoy the next step, whatever it may be, finishing your last few days as a junior or the life your being launched into as a graduating senior

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