Teachers during Homecoming

By: Aislinn Olvera

It’s the week of Homecoming and with that comes one thing: strange dress-up days.

It’s a known fact that the days are for the students to show up decked out in the most ridiculous thing they could find to showcase their school spirit. This also extends to the teachers who also want to showcase the love they have for the school they teach at and let me say: teachers are not disappointing.

Monday, here at Powell High, the week started out with a patriotic theme, “‘Merica Monday”.

Then, on Tuesday, the teachers dressed up as their favourite TV show or movie characters, and it wasn’t half bad.

Wednesday was Cowboys vs. Aliens, and the teachers dressed up as their own cowboy/cowgirl and they dressed as sweet aliens.

Thursday, the teachers and students were then asked to throw it back a decade or two, or three, and head deep into their closets.

The teachers have been able to showcase their school spirit alongside the students, which helps to raise morale around the school, giving the building a more positive environment.

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