Talent to Share

By Alyssa Mink

Whether you know it or not, there is a lot of talent roaming the halls of Powell High School. Some people choose to keep their talent to themselves and others choose to express it freely for all to see. Alleigh Watson is a senior here at Powell that wakes up everyday to go to Singers rehearsal at 7:25 AM. Anyone who knows her knows that she is an incredibly talented musician but what most people don’t know is that Alleigh gives lessons to beginner musicians to help them grow in their musical ability.

Alleigh started teaching lessons in November of last year to a middle school girl and has since gained a long list of potential clients for when she is able to work with them. She said that teaching is only a new found love of hers. “I’ve always wanted to perform vocal music but it wasn’t until Mr. Kennedy gave me a chance to teach Singers and that I began to love education” Alleigh answered when asked about how she knew she wanted to teach. Alleigh says she has gained a lot from her experiences as a teacher like being accountable for her student and taking a leadership role in more ways than she thought she could. She states that when you’re teaching, you’re learning just as much from the person that’s learning from you. Alleigh loves seeing her students grow and enjoy what they’re being taught and she plans to study vocal performance in college. After she graduates, Alleigh wants to start her own private lessons studio while performing as often as she can. With talent like hers in our school, it would be hard to say that most of the Powell High students are Knoxville’s Best!

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