Surviving R.Kelly

By Skylar Letteer

“Surviving R. Kelly”, the six part documentary that began on January 3rd, 2019 is perceived as the beginning of the end for singer/songwriter, R. Kelly. Lifetime Network has aired six episodes as of January 10th, each episode provides insight into the alleged sexual abuse both minors and younger women have endured by Robert Kelly. Many of the alleged victims described their life with Kelly to be a living hell. The docuseries refused to shy away from controversy, referring to Kelly’s explicit behavior both in and out of songs. Multiple women and prior staff have come forth with depictions of pedophilia, sexual abuse, emotional and physical abuse brought on by Kelly himself. Stories from the Atlanta home, his marriage with the late under-aged artist Aaliyah, and scouting girls ages 15 and up for music videos were retold for evidence purposes. With the documentary gaining mass amounts of attention, Kelly has vaguely denied any allegations made in the series, and has not had a legal hearing.

Kelly could be facing investigation after multiple claims and allegations surfaced from the series. Many of the claims can be linked together due to similar experiences, making the situation worse for Kelly. Accounts of the Atlanta home share graphic depictions of control and manipulation. A former member of Kelly’s inner circle states, “You have to ask to take a bath, to shower, to eat, permission to go to one room to the next...Kelly forced you to do sexual things that you were uncomfortable with.”, “My room was upstairs, we weren’t allowed to leave our rooms or the recording studio unless he allowed us to.” The scandalous tape involving Kelly and a minor came to light once again, despite the minor refusing to come forward in a court case held in 2002. These horrific stories share common details, and with the testimony from each of the women, things aren’t looking good for Kelly. He has publicly stated that he will sue Lifetime for slander as well as fight against the allegations on his own social media platform.

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