Super Bowl LIV

By Corrion McIntosh

Super Bowl LIV (56) was surely a close one. During the first quarter the Chiefs only scored 3 points, while the 49ers put 7 on the board. By half time the 49ers and the Chiefs were tied, 10-10. The Chiefs had a chance to score before the half, but came up a little short for a first down, which stopped their drive. Heading into the 3rd quarter, the 49ers scored early and followed it up shortly after, with a field goal to lead the Chiefs 20-10. However, during the fourth, the Chiefs didn’t give up any points and Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes was on fire. He threw 2 back-to-back touchdowns and earlier in the game he also rushed for a touchdown. The final score of one of the best Super Bowls was 31-20. The Chiefs took home the victory after a 50 year absence from the big game.

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