Substatus, The Band

By Blakley Releford

Everyone has a talent; however, some stand out more than others. Trey Lingenfelter is someone who is truly outstanding. Trey is a senior here at Powell High School. On top of being a dedicated student, he is a very talented musician. He is very skilled at guitar, singing, and song writing. He performs gigs at local venues such as, The Goat Gallery and the Birdhouse. Substatus has a very grunge/rock and roll vibe. You can listen to Trey’s music on spotify, youtube, apple music, and soundcloud by searching for ‘Substatus’. He has a couple singles out now and multiple cover songs out on youtube. He is currently working on new music as well. I sat down with Trey to get some more information from him:

What inspired you to start your own band?

I started my own band to have an outlet for things. I’m also very creative so music helps me use all that creativity and put it to good use.

What does the word Substatus mean to you, and what made you pick that name?

Substatus didn’t mean much to me at first, but I grew to give it a meaning. Now, it means to be below what is considered normal. It is being away from the norm.

Do you write your own songs?

Yes I do write my own songs.

Do you prefer writing and performing your own songs, or covering songs?

I prefer writing over covering songs. Covering songs is fun, but to me there is no point in being a cover band.

What motivates you/inspires you to make music?

I get motivated basically just to have something to do. Also to channel my creativity. It’s kinda therapeutic to me.

Who are some of your favorite artists/bands?

Post Malone, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, anything 90s.

Do you plan to make music into a career?

Yes, I would love to do this full time and be able to make a living off of it.

When is your next show?

I don’t have anything planned at the moment, but things are in the works. I am currently writing new songs and hope to have a full album out soon.

How can we find you on social media?

Instagram: @substatus_theband

Soundcloud: Substatus

Apple Music/Spotify: Substatus

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