Student Awards

By Ghost Writer

I believe Renaissance was originally made to include everyone. “No one is left behind and everyone is recognized”...what a bunch of bull. Ever since school started giving out awards and celebrating student achievement, the most popular kids (or as I like to call them- the kiss butt kids) get the awards. Unfortunately, the kids who truly work hard everyday and may not always have the best grades, but actually try day in and day out get zero recognition. No, it’s the kids who sit in class and are disruptive by joking and playing with the teachers and somehow get good grades who are rewarded. How are kids supposed to feel included or appreciated if the same people are the only ones who get recognized? I thought this program was a way to recognize hard work and individuality, but instead shows how biased and exclusive the program and staff actually are. Good job Renaissance for including everyone...thanks for making me feel appreciated. I think I might look a little further into this.

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