Starship Prototype

By Austin Durkin

Elon Musk has shown real images of the prototype Mars-bound rocket, named The Starship Hopper. Though there are still tests to run in the upcoming months, this rocket could very well be our future. This has the potential to do what we’ve said we would do for more than half a century. For many that may not know, the Starship Hopper is a rocket being developed by Elon Musk’s space corporation, SpaceX. It is only an early prototype development, but SpaceX is already proving to be very efficient in their scheduling with the first test flights being as early as March or April. These test flights should prove that the Starship Hopper can dart into the sky, reaching suborbital heights and come straight back to earth safe and sound, if all goes well.

This prototype is said to be the true diameter of the full scale rocket at about 9 yards in diameter, but it's shorter than it will be in the future. A fully orbital prototype is said to start being tested in June. This prototype will be equipped with a large booster, known as the “Super Heavy.”

These tests and prototypes are just a small amount of proof that early stages of Mars travel could happen in our lifetime. The future that was prophesied 100 years ago is coming at a quick pace. At the beginning of the 21st Century, it was amazing to have a touch screen phone. Now, we’re on the verge of colonizing Mars!

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