Spring in Powell

By Dillion Loope

It's kind of funny how it's called spring, especially here. Nothing really bounces; everything just sinks. You can have a sprinkle a mile away from here but in Powell - you'd think the ocean evaporated and relocated directly over our community. Each and every rainy day in Powell is a moody and depressing day. Personally, I’m over it! I need sunshine and until I get it I’m just going to vent…

Teachers please buy some gum or breath mints. I mentioned the ocean previously which makes me think of seasalt, which makes me think of regular salt, which makes me think of garlic salt, which in turn makes me think of my teachers breath. I think a good practice would be with each new class period you should pop a fresh piece of gum or a quick swish, rinse, and spit. Come on work with us please!

Guys why are you wearing shorts? It’s the middle of FEBRUARY!!! And by shorts I mean SHORTS! I didn’t realize they were making Danny Dukes now. Seriously, they’re too short! Either you look like you're going to PT or they’re so far down it looks like you’re trying to put a scarf on your knees and showing your butt in the process. It’s only fair that guys should have the fingertip length rule at this point. If not, wouldn’t that be sexist? Guys I beg of you, go buy some pants. Ladies, I want you to know chacos aren’t in season. I really hope you get mud shoved so far inside your sandals that you can't get it out, or step in a cold puddle. Maybe that would teach you a lesson.

My final thought: I'm rather surprised grass even grows here. I’m amazed not to find seaweed instead of flowers. Some days it feels like we live in Seattle not Powell. Everything is depressing and sad, especially our moods. Spring? Nothing really bounces. Everything just sinks, including the way we approach each day.

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