Spirit week for PHS Homecoming 2019

By: Mariah Cruz

Spirit week doesn’t appear that it will be as lame as it was last year. Nobody that I know of liked the spirit week costume ideas last year, because to be honest they were lacking and some of them made no sense. When this year’s spirit week themes came out I was actually impressed with how not boring they are:

Monday - ‘Merica Day

Tuesday - TV/Movie Character Day

Wednesday - Western (Cowboys vs. Aliens)

Thursday - Throwback (Decades)

Friday - Class T-Shirt Day (Color Wars)

I feel like this year’s themes are actually going to be fun, because I’ve heard multiple people (myself included) say they wished we had a character day. Last year’s salad dressing day really stupid in my opinion. I’m surprised they aren’t doing Tacky Twin day like we do EVERY year, but it’s good there updating the themes. They’re 10x better. ‘Merica day is always expected, and Decade day is a new one that people will like. Western Day is also just another basic one, but adding aliens is kind of cool. Last is Class Colors which they’ve always done, but this year their separating classes into different colors. Freshman’s orange, Sophomores’ white, Juniors’ gray, and Seniors' black. Most people dress up every day, and some people think they’re too cool to even dress up once. We’ll just see how it turns out this year. The key to having an awesome Homecoming Week is each of us participating!

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