Speech is Ridiculed

By Austin Durkin

Do you know what really grinds-my-gears? When people have a desire for me to “dumb down” my vocabulary. Now that is usually quite understandable when it is due to these particular persons not comprehending the words. However, when it is purely due to them rationalizing that I am trying to overpower them or talk down to them, that is when I have a quarrel.

Vocabulary is a word only grade school, preadolescent children know these days. It is a weekly quiz to them. Something that is used to memorize small words. The children might not even know the definition of said word. So long as they get a good grade, they are happy. Vocabulary is no longer used by the modern youth, however. It has been cast out, along with 90% of the English Dictionary. Most words we use now are not even real. Of course you can make the rationalization that no words are real and that everything is made up, except that is erroneous. It does not make you a wordsmith or scientist when you say “cus,” “fam,” or “oof.” This only makes you indolent. It makes you illiterate to the broadened vocabulary of the English language.

I believe that we should read a lot more. I think that people are in need of a widened vocabulary. My personal experience is that the quaint words I use make me feel good. They make me feel like I have unlocked a puzzle, that I'm in a higher rank of speech. It honestly makes me feel powerful. One thing that is perturbing to me, despite that, is that people assume that I am belittling them when I use these immense words. I am only expressing the proficiency that I have developed and earned over time. This should not be so ridiculed within modern society.

Something to think on: Reading is fun, but it makes it more fun to read a book that has these larger words. It’s fun to find out what they mean. However, it is most amusing to apply them in your own speech, and that is why I do so.

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