Society Murders Nick Sandman

By Logan Heidenreich

If you have not heard, in the news recently, a guy named Nick Sandmann is in some trouble for making a face. Sandmann and his school were on a trip to Washington D.C. where they were taunted for being white by a group of African Americans. The boys from the Catholic school then started chanting their school spirit chant. A Native American man named Nathan Phillips stepped forward from the taunting group and started banging his drum in Nick Sandmann’s face. In not-so-retaliation, Sandmann stood in the same spot and smiled. From there, news networks, social media, and any other form of news have blown up over the situation. Many sources of news have provided entirely wrong information about the events of that day. Society is now charging Nick Sandmann with a “face-crime.”

If you have read the book “1984,” by George Orwell, then you would know that this is pretty much a face crime. If you have not, then the definition of a “face crime” is an expression that is shown on one’s face that conveys suspicious beliefs. In other words, the expression on your face can be a crime. Are we, as Americans, that touchy that we get mad when someone makes a face?! Are we children that get angry when another child sticks their tongue out at us? Nick Sandmann did not even make a face that was equivalent to sticking his tongue out.

The reason Nick Sandmann was attacked in the first place was that news outlets released THE WRONG STORY. Good one CNN, Washington Post, and whoever else, you might have just ruined a 17-year-old’s life all because you jumped the gun and released the completely wrong story.

There is something to learn from this, as Americans: stop being cry babies. This is the reason that other countries, such as Germany, no longer see us a world power. If we keep this attitude up, we will destroy this country. America will implode in on itself due to disagreement and ignorance.

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