Smartphone Rehab

By Zoe Bedard

In today’s world people are using devices for almost everything. They use them for homework, keeping in touch, playing games, and smaller things like checking the time and date. Adults and children alike own such devices, using them during school, while driving, at work, and at the store. No matter where you go it feels like someone is on their phone or tablet. When does it become too much?

In Seattle Washington, some researchers have built a “rehab” center for people who are addicted to their devices. The question is, when is someone classified as addicted to their technology? Some symptoms of cell phone addiction consist of anger when in withdrawal, lack of time management, and being unable to handle real life relationships all because of your phone. The strange part is, there is almost no age limit to this addiction. Anyone with a phone can practically be addicted. Do these symptoms describe you?

If you are addicted to your smartphone you might be pleased to know that researchers have built a rehab center for people just like you! At the Restart Life Research Centre, there is a specific treatment just for this addiction. Well not really, but they do try to help with internet, gaming, virtual reality, social media, and gambling addictions. They have a 5-step treatment program that starts with rebuilding a connection to real life, and ends with maintaining a routine. It’s been shown to work on all ages from 13 and up. Most people, when they are told they are on their phone too much, decide to handle it themselves, but some parents are forcing their kids into this form of therapy, primarily when devices start interfering with school and other activities. The Restart Life Centre says that more parents have been asking for treatment for their kids starting in the past 8 years with the increase of smart devices being created and of course distributed amongst the younger generations. Do you think placing children in smartphone rehabs will help them? Or should parents take their own stand and manage their children’s smartphone use solo? That just goes to show what an epidemic technology has become in the modern world.

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