Skateboarders Defiling a Graveside

By Logan Heidenreich

Yesterday, it was found, on March 27th, that President Gerald R. Ford and Betty Ford’s grave sites were defiled. When security checked the footage they found that a couple of skateboarders were the ones that destroyed the property.

How could anyone be so disrespectful? How could someone go to a president’s grave and not think, “Hey, maybe we shouldn’t mess with this guy’s grave.” or even if they didn't know who’s grave it was “I don’t know who this guy is but he has a big memorial. We shouldn’t be skating here.” It only takes a little bit of common sense to realize that what they’re doing is stupid.

On top of making themselves look stupid, they added to the massive collection of reasons people hate skateboarders. Just by riding a skateboard everyone says they’re skateboarders and it just makes all the other people that skate, like me, look like I’m up to something just by carrying a piece of wood with wheels.

Authorities are now looking for the idiots that vandalized the grave.

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