Should This Be Done to Our Brains?

By Austin Durkin

Many people have argued for years whether or not having implants in our brain is right or wrong. The danger of having an object implanted inside your head to zap pieces of your brain has scared people for years. Even with this fear, science continues to move forward towards the next milestone. Soon people won't have to argue if it's right to build these implants, but to instead argue over having them put in or not.  Scientists at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) have developed a prototype version of these neural implants. After many tests on controlled human subjects, they found that if they pinpoint these zaps to just under and above the eye, the subjects feel more calm, relaxed, clear-minded, and/or energized. They say this is due to the implant hitting a part of the brain that makes people feel less unmotivated and depressed. The zapping hits emotions in our brain to help us feel better.  So of course everyone's first thought would be, that mean it helps neutralize depression? Scientists at UCSF say that is exactly what this technology can be used for. With more testing and a lot of trial and error, this could be a future for depression. Is it worth it though? Will the rewards outweigh the risks? If it's watered down simply, scientists want people to put an object inside their head that zaps their brain to make them feel less depressed. That doesn't sound like a great sales pitch at the moment, but these implants are still in the early stages of development and could look better in the future.  After reading this article what would you choose? Do you think it's right or wrong? Do you think it's worth it?

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