Senior Year

By Talynn Walker

The first two years of high school I couldn’t stand Powell High School I honestly don’t know why but I just hated it. When I got to my senior though I learned to love it. I love my teachers, my friends, and some teachers I never even had. There’s one thing I hate even the thought of leaving behind...Journalism. Everyone in Journalism has a great personality and always make my day a little better. This small class has become my second family over the the semesters I’ve been in here. When I think back on high school, journalism is the only thing that comes to mind. Yes, this school has done so much for my senior year and I appreciate it greatly, but Journalism is what made my last two years of high school. If you’re an underclassmen and are reading this, I highly recommend taking Journalism and becoming part of a small family. I will miss this school greatly, but I’ll miss everything that has to do with Journalism so much more.

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