Section Leaders: Horrible Representatives of PHS

By: Ghostwriter

We all heard the announcement about our student section and how our student leaders carry themselves. This announcement was not only directed to them, but the entire student body, which in my opinion was out of line. When our administration knows who runs our Twitter accounts and who the “leaders” of the section itself are...then why not go to them. It’s no secret who these people are. They post pictures of themselves on the @powellsection Twitter page throwing caution to the wind because they know their personal titles keep them from getting into any trouble. Teachers’ kids, “star” athletes, cheerleaders, children of community leaders, and the students who have been grandfathered into the position because their older siblings previously held the title. Our school has allowed this to happen year after year with no consequences to the ones who are actually in charge of the accounts. Instead, they turn a blind eye and vaguely “threaten” them with no real consequences at hand. For the past several years, the students who have been placed in charge have not been an accurate representation of the senior class. They are the “chosen ones” and always the ones who know that they can’t be touched. No one understands why the leaders, who are known by the administration, cannot be called out individually. The leaders do their own thing with calling the shots on virtually everything from what gets chanted at the games, who stands where, what we say, when we say it, and how it is said. They kick people out if they don’t do as they’re told. They control the section and people are literally afraid not to follow. Being part of the student section I know this as fact. I also know that we aren’t all as trashy or immature as the section makes the school out to be on social media. Most of the student population agrees with what Dr. Smith said in his announcement. What is being posted on social media, without a doubt, is not an accurate nor an acceptable representation of our school and especially the senior class.. it never is. Why don’t we, as a school and as a community, step up and call out the ones who are actually in charge. We have the same issue every year, and it is never dealt with correctly.

The only way to get results is to go straight to the source of the problem: a select group of seniors who have developed so much arrogance they need suitcases to carry all of it around because nothing has been done to these bullies in the past besides finger pointing and meaningless threats. If this wasn’t true, the account would have been taken down two or three years ago when the administration asked the first time. If our school and community does not like what is being put out there then stop letting these tyrants have control over how the senior class each year is portrayed, and stop them from tarnishing the Powell High School name and the community itself.

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