School Spirit

By: Aislinn Olvera

What is school spirit?

As someone who came from a town that could only know spirit, Friday Night Lights are everything. Game days, whether it be for basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, is everything.

School spirit is pep rallies every other Friday to determine who the best class is. School spirit is showing up to every single game and cheering on your team, no matter the outcome. School spirit is being respectful of your peers and your rivals, and it’s knowing when trash talking is going too far. School spirit being a complete idiot for your team or not caring that you look ridiculous by how you dressed. School spirit is making every single person in the school feel welcomed to stand in the student section, and not making them feel like an outcast.

Do people here have school spirit? Yes, 100%. They definitely show up to football games every Friday to cheer their team on, despite their record and despite the distance to the game. Are they respectful to their peers, such as the opposing team or their fans? That’s more tricky.

School spirit is not bullying someone based on their weight, or making fun of someone for one mistake they made on the field. Did the school I go to heckle the other team and the players? Oh yeah, no doubt about it. But we never made fun of someone’s weight or mistake made, because no one is perfect.

School spirit is pep rallies. Pep rallies are where everyone stands up the entire hour and participates in class competitions while enjoying the time you have left before you enter the real world. Pep rallies are when you have the absolute right to act like a controlled idiot. Homecoming pep rallies are the time to showcase school spirit by competing for the one thing that is incredibly important in all of high school- the Spirit Stick.

School spirit isn’t something made overnight, I know this. Powell has tons of school spirit, but we’re lacking in the most important part of school spirit inclusion. We have to include people outside the “popular” group and make them feel welcome to act like an idiot. We can’t be jerks about it, either. It can’t be “my way or the highway” because that doesn’t work for everyone. It doesn’t work for me, that much I know. In order to obtain school spirit, you have to be willing to listen to the ‘outcasts’ and the people who have ideas, even if they contradict what you believe. Because, whether you believe it or not, it might be more effective on the entirety of the schools morale regarding school spirit.

School spirit is hype, it’s Friday Night Lights, it’s attending as many things as possible, it’s cheering on our band at halftime, and it’s respecting the other team’s really good plays (yes, those do happen). Now is the time to get out there and show all of Tennessee why we are “Knoxville’s Best” and that we have the most school spirited student body in the state.

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