Santa's Losing His Pets

By Austin Durkin

The population of wild reindeer in the Arctic has plummeted immensely in the last 2 decades. Some reindeer herds have shrunk in size by 90%. The overall population in the regions has dropped from 5 million to 2.1 million. That's more than half of the wild reindeer (or caribou). Scientists reporting on this subject say that the drastic change doesn’t seem to be improving in any way either. The warm climate means that taller plants start growing more than lichen does, which is bad since lichen is a caribou’s favored plant to for consumption. With the lack of plants, this starts a decrease in the population of caribou. Another problem with the weather warming is that insect population skyrockets. Caribou constantly trying to rid the insects or hide from them causes them to have low endurance and energy. Along with the constant rain freezing their food, the Arctic becomes an almost unlivable tundra for the caribou. By the next decade, we could have almost no caribou left in the Arctic. Humanity will have to do something soon, or this will be unchanged until they all die out.

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