Robots Are Legally Breaking the Law?

By Austin Durkin

For the first time in nearly four decades, a self driving car now has been given the permission to drive (without the proper safety regulations that a human would need to follow). This could mean many new risks and discoveries that could potentially be dangerous; these cars are allowed to drive without things such as mirrors, windshield wipers, a brake pedal, or even a steering wheel. This means that the population around it would have to give this machine full trust- with their life at risk. Currently the vehicle can not exceed 25 miles per hour, and has to be safely monitored by multiple people at all times. If this car was to have any mishaps on the road, there is a human operator that controls it manually. The NHTSA will also be closely monitoring this vehicle to make sure that this is the outcome they were hoping for.

This testing might only be temporary but with good results, this will spark the beginning of a new era in driving. This was the first test and by far won’t be the last. With there being proof of multiple crashes in the past by self driving cars, that even had steering wheels, is this really something the world wants to embark on?

Think about that the next time you drive or ride as a passenger. Do you think you would let a robot do that for you?

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