Relationships (Part One)

By Zion Loo

I’ve had my fair share of awkward and less than great romantic relationships, and I think it might be wise to share what I’ve learned from those unwanted experiences if it can prevent at least one single reader from suffering that same horrible fate… So here I am. Please listen.

Lesson number one: clarify. What would a date mean to you? Would it automatically make you and your date partners or not? Not everyone will be thinking the same way you are on this topic. If you ask someone on a date, be sure to clarify this and quickly. I would recommend making this clarification before you actually ask. If somebody asks you, be sure to clarify this before you answer. Otherwise, especially if your socially awkward like me, you could get into an unwanted and very awkward relationship. Or you could put someone else in a relationship they don’t want to be in and they’ll never say anything because they don’t want to hurt you. Try not to do that to someone. It’s torture. And it’s not necessarily because you’re ugly or utterly unlikable. It’s because they aren’t interested and you have to respect that. Boundaries are essential to any healthy human relationship; romantic or not.

Lesson number two: “No” is always an option. No matter what anyone tells you. It’s a very important word and if I could only use one word for the rest of my life it might just be that one. It’ll always be completely free to use. It can be hard to use at times, yes, but whatever pain you might cause someone in the first opportunity you have will be significantly less painful then if you wait and wait and lead them on and then crush their dreams. The sooner the better for the both of you.

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