Reflections as a Senior

By Alyssa Mink

As senior year comes to an end I find myself reflecting every day on the memories I’ve made over the past four years. Experiences like traveling to Hawaii, New York (twice), and going on a cruise as well as the countless competitions I’ve competed in, the friends I’ve made through all of these shared experiences are friends I believe will last. The first people I ever met in high school were the people I met at band camp and although our band is too large to talk to everyone, I tried to be friends with as many people as possible and I still talk to several seniors that graduated my freshman year. My sophomore year I developed more friendships with Singers and I really learned how to manage time with all of the music we had to learn. My Singers friends have been my family for 3 years now and I hope that they’ll be my family for even longer. Through these groups, I’ve been able to travel the country more than I ever dreamed I would. Whether it be competition trips or fun spring break trips, my school year was never boring. I’m so thankful for my teachers putting up with me being busy all the time and letting me go down to the chorus room almost every day. My band directors and my choir director have seen so many different sides of me and have embraced every one of them with open arms. The teachers I’m most thankful for are my academic teachers who never failed to push me to be the best I could be. Mr. Davis had me in class my first semester of freshman year and has since then pushed me academically and jokingly pretty much every day that I passed by him in the hallway. My four years at Powell will be years that I hope to never forget.

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